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Cursor Hider helps you to work more productively. It removes mouse pointer from a working place (mouse cursor does not cover the entered text now) while you are working with keyboard and returns the pointer with any mouse actions.
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 32 and 64 bit editions

9x/Me is not supported starts version 1.5.x or higher. Download version 1.4.x for Windows 9x/Me

Electronical delivery only 

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New in
Fixed compatible with Chrome browser in kiosk and normal mode.
New in
Changed inital setting "Type if hidding" for first installation.
New in
Added Hotkey for software enable or disable
New in 1.6.2.*
New release system - weekly builds for minor updates.
New in
Fixed total pointer hiding on Windows 64bits
New in
Fixed "Hide mouse pointer permanently" functionality
New in
Value "Time of hidding" may be set up to 9999 seconds
New in
Fixed some time appearing About dialog.
New in
Fixed bug with hidding mode 1-8, actual for customs cursor in application as MS Excel, etc
New in
Now correct working under Windows 7/Vista 32/64 bit edition.
New in
Minor update.
New in
Changes for Windows 7 again.
New in
Tested and now working on Windows 7
New in
Fixed malware false positive detection
New in
Changed user information dialog shown during application startup
New in
Minor update
New in
Added supporting IE7 in the "IE only" functions.
New in
Removed modal dialog about double running
New in
Minor fixes.
New in
Changed default settings with first installation.
New in
Fixed incompatible with some internet browser
New in
Added compatible with switch user dialog, UAC and application started from UAC under Vista.
New in
Added "silent" install mode.
New in
Added uninstall feedback form.
New in
Corrected installation script.
New in
New option: for set keystrokes count to hide pointer.
New in
Added hot key support for show/hide mouse pointer.
New in
Restored unistall shortcut in the programs menu group.
New in
Minor changes in the hidding part.
New in
Fixed incompatible with Miranda IM ICQ window, "Save as.." dialog window New registration key required.
Contact support to free udpate registration key.
New in 1.4.8
Added compatible keyboard layout changing operation with Mindjet MindManager
Why should you have it?
You are going to visit a web site with form for filling. At first you type URL to browser's address bar -

Mouse pointer blocks dot.

What do you think about dot behind softexe? To be or not to be (already typing)? For checking URL you have to take mouse into hand and move mouse pointer to out.

With Cursor Hider the mouse pointer disappears after first keystrokes and nothing blocks URL now.

No pointer over text

Site is loaded. You are taking mouse, pointing to a field and typing first name: John. Stop! What you have entered Joh or Jon?

What you have entered Joh or Jon?

Cursor Hider helps you make your work fast. You see that you have typed. You don't unnecessary motions (move mouse pointer out). 

Cursor Hider helps you make your work fast.

Video clip without Cursor Hider -- pointer over image.

Video clip without Cursor Hider -- pointer over image.

With Cursor Hider -- pointer are removed during 1-2 seconds.

Run Cursor Hider now -- pointer hides after some seconds.

You can turn off mouse pointer at all. This is very useful option for touch screen devices.

Tips and Tricks

  • Set "Quantity of keystrokes to hide mouse cursor" value to 1 for getting a maximum ergonomic (available  in registered version only). You will not sense cursor at all!
  • Use "Applications Launcher" to fast access often used applications. For example, make double click by "NumLock" (it is a similar mouse double click) for starts  MS Windows Calculator app. See screenshot page for details. Caps Lock and Scroll Lock are available in registered version only.
Cursor Hider
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