AS HTML Tag Source Viewer for MS Internet Explorer

NEW!!! AS HTML Tag Source Viewer 1.03.2 - download (303 Kb)

Shareware. Limitations: nag screen, background image "Unregistered".

Price: $20. Purchase AS HTML Tag Source Viewer now!

Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Require: MS Internet Explorer 4.x or above

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If you want to study html on an example already of existing pages, this program for you. By simple action it is possible to look the source of any element of html page. Learn all secrets of Web design.

If you've ever looked at a nifty object on a Web page and wondered how it was crafted, you'll like AS HTML Tag Source Viewer for MS Internet Explorer. Once installed, the program adds itself to the context menu in Internet Explorer. Surf to a Web page you want to investigate, right-click on a page element, then select HTML Tag Source Viewer from the menu. The viewer opens with the source code for the page, and the code for the object you clicked appears in blue. You can save the entire page of code, or you can select the blue text and copy it. Using this program is easier than viewing the page's code by selecting View, Source in Internet Explorer, because the code you're interested in is already selected--you don't need to search for it as you do when the page opens in NotePad.


  • save html source into file
  • view source code of  <INPUT> elements (tags): button, text line and textarea
  • menu item for fast access to viewed tag
  • wrap function for loaded source code (one tag per line); available from menu "Edit/Wrap"
  • loading html source with <HEAD> tag (for MSIE 5.x only) 
  • Add possibility to close program window by pressing a key ESC. Fixed bug with scrolling text via keyboard after opening source. new
  • install and unistall

Install: Download zip archive from our site and unzip into any directories. Run Setup.exe. Follow program instructions.

Attention: Under MS Windows NT/2000 you must has administrator rights for installing this software. If you has trouble with installation, visit the support page.

Screenshots AS HTML Tag Source Viewer

Select item (icon) to view source

Fig 1. Select item (Search button on to view source.

Source code of icon on the top of this page.

Fig 2. Source code of button (blue text). Pay attention to  previous <INPUT> tag: property "Value" is setting to text which entered to field "Find this".